Friday, September 28, 2018

From The Dean

Friday, September 28, 2018

It has been a busy week since my last column! Homecoming 2018 was a resounding success, even if the football team unfortunately couldn’t finish the week off with a win. But the other events during Homecoming 2018 went very well. The Continuing Education Symposium on infectious diseases that the School hosted last Friday was well attended, and the feedback was quite positive. I attended part of a discussion put on by the UND Class of 1968 that was held at the School, and I was asked by Bill Harwood, the organizer of the event and the son of former UND SMHS Dean Ted Harwood, to recount my remembrances of that turbulent year. No one who was a student then could forget those times.

Friday evening, we were treated to comments at the School’s Homecoming Banquet by former Chair of what was once known as the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology Ed Carlson, Emeritus Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor, and current chair of the combined Department of Biomedical Sciences, Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor Colin Combs. In his comments, Ed emphasized the importance of maintaining and nurturing a strong bond between students and faculty. Following our banquet, Susan and I had time to stop by a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences at the Alerus Center. It was a wonderful and enjoyable way to finish Homecoming 2018!

This past Tuesday was a full day too. It started bright and early with Wake Up to UND, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce – Grand Forks/East Grand Forks. The Memorial Union Ballroom was full of many people from the UND and Grand Forks communities. During the breakfast, President Kennedy outlined his plans for UND and reviewed the status of UND’s strategic plan, OneUND. If you didn’t have a chance to attend, you can see his presentation online. Near the end of his presentation, President Kennedy called my tablemate Dave Molmen to the stage to award him a much-deserved Presidential Award for Dave’s fantastic contributions to UND during his long service on the UND SMHS Advisory Council. Dave is one of only about 30 people to have received such an award. As you undoubtedly know, Dave’s day job is CEO of Altru Health System. And while Dave plans to retire from that position in December, I’m delighted to indicate that he has agreed to continue as chair of our Advisory Council through the upcoming legislative session.

Following Wake Up to UND, I was able to give the opening remarks at the School’s 2018 Host-Pathogen Interactions Symposium, “Microbial Influences on Host Responses,” sponsored by our Infectious Disease CoBRE (Center for Biomedical Research Excellence). This UND CoBRE is supported by a multi-year grant from the National Institutes of Health. The plenary speaker was Dr. Laurel Lenz from the University of Colorado, and he gave a marvelous presentation about his research into the interaction between bacterial invaders and the body’s efforts to repel them.

On Wednesday, I was the inaugural speaker at this year’s UND Faculty Lecture Series. I spoke about my team’s research regarding the best way to treat heart valves damaged by rheumatic fever. Our studies helped form the scientific basis for the current recommendations regarding management of this condition. I discussed a variety of cultural and economic considerations that we encountered during our study, and also touched on some global socioeconomic realities that persist to this day. For example, I reviewed World Health Organization data that show that infectious diseases remain a major cause of death in low-income countries but have largely disappeared as a major cause of death in high-income countries like the United States. Sobering data to be sure. If you’d like to see a copy of my slide deck, it is available online.

And I’m delighted to announce that we have our next director of our Master of Public Health (MPH) Program! Dr. Don Warne has been functioning as the interim director, and I’m thrilled to indicate that he’s agreed to be the new permanent director as of Oct. 1. Dr. Warne is well-qualified to assume this additional responsibility, since he headed our sister program at North Dakota State University before we were able to recruit him here a number of months ago. Don will have a full plate of activities, as his other responsibilities include the directorship of our Indians Into Medicine Program (INMED) as well as being the School’s associate dean for diversity, inclusion and equity. But I know that he’s up to these tasks, and I’m really so pleased to have him on board!

Finally, a hats-off to Dr. James Brosseau, who ends a 40-year career as a healer today as he retires from Altru Health System and medical practice. Jim, a former UND faculty member who earned his BS Med degree here at UND, has been a shining example for our students of what it means to be a physician. He is adored by his patients and revered by his fellow physicians for his caring, compassion, and knowledge. On behalf of UND and the greater Grand Forks community, thank you Jim, and all best wishes in your well-deserved retirement!

Joshua Wynne, MD, MBA, MPH
UND Vice President for Health Affairs
Dean, UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences

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Welcome: Maria Privratsky

Maria Privratsky is a research specialist in the Biomedical Sciences Department at the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks. In this position Maria is looking genome-wide to see where transcription factors are binding to chromatin, and developing libraries for genomic studies for further cancer research. Originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, Maria attended UND where she earned a bachelors of science degree in biology as well as a bachelors of arts in French. Her supervisor is Sergei Nechaev.

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Get your flu shot at SMHS on Oct. 2!

UND Student Health Services is offering a series of dates and locations for UND faculty, staff, and students to get their flu shot this fall. One such clinic will be held at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences on October 2, 2018, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the 2nd floor small event space.

Shots cost $60. If you would like to receive a flu shot at the SMHS, please note that your UND ID is required. Please wear short sleeves and bring your insurance card. Insurance may be filed on site for those who present their UND IDs and insurance cards. Students may either pay cash or charge their student account. Flu vaccinations are also available by appointment at Student Health Services (for students only).

For more information, contact Student Health Services at 777.4500.

Additional clinic dates and locations can be seen here.

16th Annual American Indian Health Research Conference at SMHS on Saturday, Oct. 20

The 16th Annual American Indian Health Research Conference (AIHRC) takes place Saturday, October 20, 2018, at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks. The conference offers opportunities to discuss research directions, partnerships, and collaboration in health research focusing on American Indians.

Rodney Haring, PhD, MSW, assistant professor of oncology in the Department of Cancer Health Disparities Research at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York, is the keynote speaker. Haring’s presentation will address Roswell Park’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Health Service (IHS) and how Roswell’s cancer research intersects with IHS outreach, student development, and patient care. Haring is a member of the Beaver Clan and an enrolled citizen of the Seneca Nation of Indians based in western New York.

The 2018 AIHRC will also feature speakers from the: American Indian Cancer Foundation, American Cancer Society, American Indian Public Health Resource Center at North Dakota State University, and Minnesota Department of Human Services. Register online here.

Connected to this conference, nominations are now being accepted for the Dr. Alan J. Allery Health Research Award. This award is presented to two American Indian students, one graduate and one undergraduate, in recognition of conducting research dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Native Americans. The deadline to submit nominations is October 5.

Registration now open! NDMA/ACP combined annual meeting

The North Dakota Medical Association (NDMA) is collaborating with the North Dakota Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) for a combined annual meeting on Friday, October 5, 2018, at the Bismarck Event Center. The combined effort allows both groups to share educational sessions and increase peer networking opportunities. Meeting details can be found in the NDMA or ACP brochures.

An annual poster competition associated with the meeting will be held at Sanford Medical Center in Fargo on October 3, 2018. All UND medical students and Internal Medicine residents are invited to participate.

Register today with the NDMA (or with ACP for members).

We look forward to seeing you in Bismarck!


Zen in 10 in October

Zen in 10 focuses on stretching, breathing, and having fun with coworkers. Go back to work with less stress, more energy, and better body functioning.

Sessions will be held at the SMHS from 10:40 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout October (except Oct. 4, 9, and 11) in SMHS Room W202. Note: on Oct. 16, Zen in 10 will be held in the SMHS Auditorium (E101).

Services provided by Kay Williams, Certified Yoga and Relax and Renew Instructor®.

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SMHS medical students awarded scholarships for 2018-19 academic year

The UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences is pleased to announce that over $630,000 in awards and scholarships have been awarded to 110 UND medical students for the 2018–2019 academic year. Funds for the scholarships come from private sources, endowments, and other awards, and have helped the School lower UND medical student debt from well above the national average to below the national average compared with all other U.S. medical schools.

Scholarships for 2018–2019
(Listed by graduating class, hometown, and surname. Photographs available upon request.)


Class of 2019

Fargo, N.D.

  • Houda Abdelrahman, Libby Bushell & Family Scholarship - FM Area Foundation
  • Michael Dancer, Gertrude Dammen & Allison Gentle Medical Education Scholarship, Robert G. Rogers MD Scholarship
  • Dylan Dangerfield, Dr. Christina Tello-Skjerseth & Brent Skjerseth Scholarship
  • Christine Hanish, John R. Fischer M.D. Medical Scholarship
  • Carter Hruby, Dr. William & Helene Powers Scholarship
  • Alysa Lerud, Libby Bushell & Family Scholarship - FM Area Foundation
  • Emily Olig, Ray Duggan Memorial Scholarship
  • Matthew Winkels, SMHS “Faculty for Students” Scholarship

Fort Ransom, N.D.

  • Quinn Rufsvold, Dr. Steve & Sue Laxdal Scholarship, Keith & Elaine Wold Medical Scholarship, Dr. Donald Martindale Scholarship

Grafton, N.D.

  • Eric Torkelson, Dr. Cecil & Penny Chally Medical Scholarship

Grand Forks, N.D.

  • Neil Antonson, SMHS Class of 2003 Scholarship

Hazen, N.D.

  • Jared Weinand, Dr. A. K. Saiki Memorial Medical Scholarship

Horace, N.D.

  • Spencer Uetz, Donald Bahr MD Scholarship

Kindred, N.D.

  • Dylan Torgerson, Imogene & Naomi Adams Memorial Medical Scholarship

Munich, N.D.

  • Elise Dick, Arden & Bertha Anderson Medical School Scholarship

Parshall, N.D.

  • Beau Billadeau, Dr. James P. Lantz Memorial Scholarship

Walcott, N.D.

  • David Anderson, Ralph & Hazel Rohde Medical Scholarship

West Fargo, N.D.

  • Melissa Gunderson, Dr. Norman & Charmaine Hepper Medical School Scholarship

Williston, N.D.

  • Rory Guenther, Dr. Donald & Marjorie Meredith Medical School Scholarship

Brainerd, Minn.

  • Rachel Ellens, Robert C. Heen Medical School Scholarship

Foley, Minn.

  • Faith Gonowolo Thompson, Judy L. DeMers Medical School Scholarship

Roseville, Minn.

  • Britta Stjern, Ray Duggan Memorial Scholarship

Billings, Mont.

  • Shauna Newton, Academic Achievement Award

Great Falls, Mont.

  • Shanalee Mountan, Irene Westermoe Medical Scholarship

Helena, Mont.

  • Brenna Fanning, Academic Achievement Award

Lincoln, Neb.

  • Erin Reis, Academic Achievement Award

Crowpoint, N.M.

  • Mylan Panteah, American Indian Graduate Center Scholarship

Superior, Wis.

  • Robert Kraft, Fee Family Medical School Scholarship, Ron Plotts-Carter Medical Scholarship

Casper, Wyo.

  • Sean Johnson, Donald Bahr MD Scholarship


Class of 2020

Beach, N.D.

  • Mathew Gerving, Mark & Becky Odland Medical School Scholarship

Bismarck, N.D.

  • Alexandra Streifel, Karen & Elvira Lynner Medical Scholarship

Fargo, N.D.

  • Eric Jagim, Howell Education Trust Scholarship - FM Area Foundation
  • Naveena Lall, William L. Schwartz, M.D. Medical School Scholarship
  • Kirsten McCullough, John A. DeKrey, M.D. Medical Scholarship
  • Anaas Mergoum, Charles & Florence Magner Medical Scholarship

Forman, N.D.

  • Shirin Nour, Justus Fiechtner & Karlene Gehler Scholarship

Grand Forks, N.D.

  • Tyler Beattie, Howard, Clarine & Karen Robinson Scholarship
  • Wendy Lim, Charles H. Fee Memorial Medical Scholarship
  • Annika Strand, Academic Achievement Award

Langdon, N.D.

  • Haley Amoth, Gustave Golseth and Wesley Morrish Medical Scholarship, Dr. Rene & Barbara Pelletier Medical School Scholarship

Linton, N.D.

  • Jessica Schweigert, George B. Talbert Family Medical School Scholarship, Dr. Mike & Ronda Kincheloe Scholarship

Munich, N.D.

  • Tucker Zimmer, Karen & Elvira Lynner Medical Scholarship

Park River, N.D.

  • Jeffrey Johnson, Cecil & Penny Chally Medical Scholarship

Stirum, N.D.

  • Jacob Greenmyer, Dr. Donald & Marjorie Meredith Medical School Scholarship, Marlys E Schuh, MD Scholarship, Dr. Dale & Penny Cody Scholarship

Huntingtown, Md.

  • Logan Richards, Minot Medical Arts Clinic Scholarship

Cohasset, Minn.

  • Nicholas Hopkins, Walter Wasdahl & Dr. Robert & Kay Hedger Scholarship, Dr. John & Karen Gray Scholarship

Cologna, Minn.

  • Alexander Hron, Carol Thorstad Memorial Scholarship

Detroit Lakes, Minn.

  • Jared Buschette, Obermiller Nelson Engineering, Inc. Scholarship

Fridley, Minn.

  • Thomas Walter, Ray Duggan Memorial Scholarship

Georgetown, Minn.

  • Ashley Wood, Academic Achievement Award

Shoreview, Minn.

  • Nicholas Colwell, Anderson Medical School Scholarship
  • Ellen Kronzer, Ray Duggan Memorial Scholarship

Cheyenne, Wyo.

  • John Stacy, Lynn Meier Memorial Scholarship

Pohang, South Korea

  • Grace Suk, Donald and Blanche Person Scholarship

Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

  • Shaneabbas Raza, Donald J. Reichert Memorial Scholarship


Class of 2021

Bismarck, N.D.

  • Taylor Crothers, Ray Duggan Memorial Scholarship
  • Cassondra Kambeitz, Karen & Elvira Lynner Medical Scholarship

Carrington, N.D.

  • Austin Hewitt, Karen & Elvira Lynner Medical Scholarship, Janice Granum Medical Scholarship

Fargo, N.D.

  • Katelyn Ruark, Ralph & Barbara Cushing Scholarship
  • Connor Schweitzer, Karen & Elvira Lynner Medical Scholarship

Grand Forks, N.D.

  • John Gangelhoff, Matthew Spangler Medical Scholarship

Lenoir, N.D.

  • Rebecca Dravland, Dr. J.A.D. Engesather Medical Scholarship

Minot, N.D.

  • Alexander Buchholz, Rosamund Zlevor Memorial Scholarship - FM Area Foundation
  • Lane Vendsel, David & VeAnna Selid Medical Scholarship, Harley E. French Medical School Scholarship

Northwood, N.D.

  • Tyler Bilden, Eidsvoog Medical School Scholarship

Webster, N.D.

  • Connor Baker, Dr. Dave & Theresa Theige Medical Scholarship

West Fargo, N.D.

  • Jonathan Pacella, Dr. Karl & Carolyn Kaess Medical Scholarship, Raymond Tyvand Medical School Scholarship
  • Sarah Schaeffer, ND Academic Scholarship

Wishek,  N.D.

  • Daniel Sayler, ND Academic Scholarship, Dr. Donald & Marjorie Meredith Medical School Scholarship

Wyndmere, N.D.

  • Marley Foertsch, Dr. & Mrs. WJ Orchard Medical School Scholarship

Erskine, Minn.

  • McKenzie Bixby, Dr. Robert A. & Charlene M. Kyle Medical School Scholarship, Academic Achievement Award, Charles & Emma Bollinger Memorial Scholarship

Fergus Falls, Minn.

  • Matthew Jacobson, Dean Ted Harwood Memorial Scholarship

Granite Falls, Minn.

  • Allie Trudel, Dr. Richard A. & Ann M. Olafson Medical School Scholarship

Moorhead, Minn.

  • Michael Storandt, Academic Achievement Award, Charles & Emma Bollinger Memorial Scholarship

Plymouth, Minn.

  • Heather Kaluzniak, Dr. Michael & Donna Ebertz Scholarship

St. Cloud, Minn.

  • Elena Danielson, Academic Achievement Award

Sartell, Minn.

  • Natalie McIntire, Lucille M. Radke Fostvedt, MD Memorial Scholarship

Stacy, Minn.

  • Molly Pignato, Dr. Clifford O. & Fern Haugen Scholarship

White Bear Lake, Minn.

  • Scott Doheny, Dr. Clifford O. & Fern Haugen Scholarship

Billings, Mont.

  • Carissa Klarich, Drs. Thomas & Sandra (Whaley) Olson SMHS Scholarship

Bigfork, Mont.

  • Quinci Paine, Dr. Brett and Jon Pinkerton Scholarship

Casper, Wyo.

  • Riley Moore, Dr. Duane D. & Roberta Glasner Medical Scholarship


Class of 2022

Ashley, N.D.

  • Matthew Kretschmar, ND Academic Scholarship

Bismarck, N.D.

  • Hunter Huff-Towle, Academic Achievement Award & Medical School Dean's Scholarship
  • Anne Sandstrom, Academic Achievement Award & Medical School Dean's Scholarship

Dickinson, N.D.

  • Mariah Jorda, Academic Achievement Award & Medical School Dean's Scholarship

Fargo, N.D.

  • Ali Al Seagh, Donald Bahr MD Scholarship & Medical School Dean's Scholarship
  • Bradley Conant, Academic Achievement Award & Medical School Dean's Scholarship
  • Margarita Consing, Dr. Brad & Gayle Aafedt Medical Scholarship, Altringer Family Medical Scholarship, ND Academic Scholarship & Medical School Dean's Scholarship
  • Jared Magnuson, Marlys E. Schuh, MD Scholarship, Drs. Christopher & Allison Clapp Anderson Scholarship & Medical School Dean's Scholarship
  • Sean Montgomery, ND Academic Scholarship
  • McKenzie Titus, Academic Achievement Award & Medical School Dean's Scholarship

Grand Forks, N.D.

  • Matthew Amundson, Logan Hetherington Memorial Medical Scholarship
  • Tanner Piper, ND Academic Scholarship

Minto, N.D.

  • RaMae Norton, Donald & Marjorie Meredith Medical School Scholarship, Buck Zahradka, MD Memorial Scholarship, ND Academic Scholarship & Medical School Dean's Scholarship

Minot, N.D.

  • Tiffany Azzarello, Donald Bahr MD Scholarship
  • Nora Rimatzki, Academic Achievement Award, ND Academic Scholarship & Medical School Dean's Scholarship

Munich, N.D.

  • Jared Schommer, Rod J. Rohrich Foundation Scholarship, Mack & Rita Traynor Medical Scholarship

Williston, N.D.

  • Adam Kemp, Academic Achievement Award & Medical School Dean's Scholarship

Velva, N.D.

  • Zachary Podoll, A. Leonard Asmundson Scholarship

Mesa, Ariz.

  • Veronica Harrison, Marlys E. Schuh, MD Scholarship

Eyota, Minn.

  • ThuyTien Nguyen, David & Julie Blehm Medical School Scholarship

Minnetonka, Minn.

  • Jesse Ewaldt, Donald Bahr MD Scholarship

Newfolden, Minn.

  • Hayden Brodersen, Jack & Donna Linfoot Medical School Scholarship

Roseau, Minn.

  • Kirsten Hager, Donald Bahr MD Scholarship

Warroad, Minn.

  • Abby Wilmer, Academic Achievement Award & Medical School Dean's Scholarship

Power, Mont.

  • Donald Hamm, Philip & Sandy Barney Medical Scholarship

Stillwater, Okla.

  • Abby Jessell, American Indian Graduate Center Scholarship

Sioux Falls, S.D.

  • Jonah Warwick, National Collegiate Athletic Association Scholarship

San Juan, Launion, Philippines

  • Erika Ysabelle Mojica, Academic Achievement Award & Medical School Dean's Scholarship

Gray awarded for work to help American Indian community

Dr. Jacque Gray has received the Dr. Duane Mackey Lectureship and Award at the Great Plains Behavioral Health Conference in Rapid City, South Dakota, in recognition of her contributions in the field of addiction. Gray serves as a research professor for the Department of Population Health and as the associate director for indigenous programs at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences Center for Rural Health.

At the Sept. 18 conference, Gray gave a lecture titled, “Many Pathways: Trails to the Future."

The Dr. Duane Mackey “Waktaya Naji” Lecture and Award recognizes people who study addiction and have made valuable contributions in education, mentoring, research, and service among American Indians and/or Alaska Natives. In addition, the award honors those who have tirelessly promoted and lived the ideals of equality and justice for everyone.

The Mackey Lecture/Award was created in 2010 by what was then known as the Prairielands Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) along with the South Dakota Prairielands ATTC Advisory Board. The lecture/award’s namesake, Dr. Duane Mackey, spent his live promoting equality through education.

UND Center for Rural Health, City-County Health District receive funding to combat opioid crisis

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) recently announced that the Center for Rural Health (CRH) at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences will receive $200,000 for the Rural Communities Opioid Response Program-Planning (RCORP). The aim of RCORP is to increase access to substance abuse prevention and treatment services serving rural populations across the country. The CRH, which is also the State Office of Rural Health for North Dakota, is one of 95 rural health organizations throughout the U.S. sharing the $19 million FORHP RCORP funding.

“The primary purpose of this one-year grant is to establish a strong consortium that will work together to identify areas of need in our rural communities and brainstorm a strong and sustainable plan for addressing those rural community needs around opioid use disorder prevention, treatment, or recovery,” said Shawnda Schroeder, principal investigator for the CRH project. “We already have 16 enthusiastic and engaged consortium members who bring diverse expertise in areas of rural emergency medical services, law enforcement, tribal and non-tribal treatment centers, public health, health economics, community health centers, Critical Access Hospitals, rural health clinics, state agencies, state behavioral health licensure data, family medicine, rural medical student education, and peer support services.”

In addition, the City-County Health District in Valley City, N.D., received a $250,000 Rural Health Opioid Program (RHOP) award from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). HRSA is awarding nearly $6.5 million to 26 rural organizations to expand the reach of RHOP. Grant recipients will use the funds to help community members struggling with opioid use find local treatment options and support services through partnerships with local healthcare providers and other community-based groups.

The RCORP funding is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) $1 billion in opioid-specific grants to help combat the crisis ravaging our country. The awards support HHS’s Five-Point Opioid Strategy, which was launched last year. New data unveiled recently by HHS suggests that efforts are now yielding progress at the national level.

The CRH, as the lead applicant for this proposal, will work with dedicated consortium members on this one-year project to develop and strengthen multi-sector collaborations that will lead to targeted interventions addressing specific opioid use disorder prevention, treatment, or recovery needs in high-risk rural North Dakota communities.

SMHS staff senators coordinate food drive for UND students

The Staff Senators at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences are collecting nonperishable food items for the Food for Thought food pantry, which serves UND students in need. Collection bins have been placed in the second and third floor staff/faculty lounges and in the student learning areas on the third and fourth floors of the SMHS. The food drive runs through October 2. Look also for drop-off boxes around campus or at the Office of Student Involvement in the Memorial Union.


Bids open Monday for annual "Rent an OT" student fundraiser

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) members at UND are seeking to raise funds for the St. Catherine Challenge. The St. Catherine Challenge is a national student-led initiative to build the profession of occupational therapy through raising funds for research in support of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation's mission.

Schools of occupational therapy across the nation take on the challenge, create their own fundraisers, engage their communities in the effort, and come together at the annual American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) conference to cheer the cause. Donations are used exclusively to fund and promote research in occupational therapy, and thus advance the science of everyday living.

As charter members of the St. Catherine Challenge, UND's Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is eager to engage in fundraising for this challenge. As such, SOTA will hold a silent auction to "auction" off our fellow SOTA members to faculty, staff, or students within the SMHS who could use assistance with a task. Occupational therapy students interested in offering their time and skills will be “rented” by the winning bidders for up to four hours. Winning bidders will be allowed to utilize student volunteers on behalf of other individuals they know who may be in need of assistance (e.g., a friend needing help moving or a parent requiring cleaning help). Following the auction, the students will contact the highest bidders to establish details regarding the time and place of service.

Services that students may provide include cleaning, raking leaves, shoveling snow, babysitting, supervising children at a birthday party, painting, moving, designing, organizing, and much more. However, there are restrictions to the nature of services that can be provided: no transportation of people, no power tools, no activities involving fire or explosives, and no activities involving heights or tasks that place one in danger. Any SOTA participant can decline particular activities requested of him or her if he or she does not feel comfortable completing the task requested. OT students will complete the work in pairs.

The silent auction will be open for bids on Monday, October 1.

Bids can be submitted to Sara Anderson via email to Bids must include your name, the task in question, and the amount of money you will donate for this service. We will take the highest bids and match student pairs to each bid (up to the number of students who have volunteered for this event). For example, if 20 students volunteer, they would be put into groups of two; therefore, we would accept and notify the 10 highest bidders. Work is to be completed between Oct. 15 and Nov. 11. Work must be completed within 15 miles of Grand Forks.

If you have any questions, please email Sara Anderson at or Cherie Graves at

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Next Evidence-Based Teaching Group to meet Tuesday, Oct. 2

The Evidence-Based Teaching Group (EBTG) will meet on Tuesday, October 2 from 11 a.m. to noon in room W201 to discuss "Competency-Based Assessment: Using Behavioral Observation Forms to Measure the Development of Student Competency Over Time." You are invited to attend!

The medical curriculum at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences (UND SMHS) recently adopted new competency-based program goals, including some focused on lifelong self-directed learning skills, professionalism, and personal and professional development. Because competencies like these are attained incrementally over time and are reflected behavior choices rather than recall of factual information, they cannot be taught or assessed using traditional teaching (e.g., lecture) or testing (e.g., multiple-choice tests). One way the UND SMHS curriculum promotes these outcomes is through our patient-centered learning (PCL): a form of problem-based learning that occurs over the course of the first two years of the curriculum. We developed and piloted an observational form to measure these competencies. This session will provide an overview of the problem, solution, and results, and we’ll discuss how this approach can be extended to other programs, content, and competencies.

The session will be led by Richard Van Eck, PhD, our School's associate dean for teaching and learning.

The Evidence-Based Teaching Group (EBTG) hosts events based on topics determined by the expressed interests of its members. The EBTG meets the first Tuesday of every month in W201 or W202 and meetings are free and open to anyone—no RSVP needed! Past topics have included assessment, online learning, precepting, active learning, simulation, ADA compliance, educational scholarship, to name a few. Many of the past events can be streamed from our website. If you are interested in anything related to evidence-based teaching, join us! If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to suggest (or lead!) a future meeting topic, please contact Adrienne Salentiny at

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North Dakota INBRE to hold annual Research Symposium at SMHS Oct. 13-14

The North Dakota IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) will hold its annual Research Symposium at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences Oct. 13-14. The event will be begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 13 and conclude at noon on Sunday, Oct. 14.

The Saturday morning session will be devoted to student research presentations and the afternoon will be dedicated to a poster session, networking, and the beginning of several workshops. Dinner will be provided along with a research presentation Saturday evening. Sunday morning will be dedicated to workshops.

The format will strive to provide a friendly atmosphere that promotes open discussions and an exchange of ideas on science and training. A new addition this year will be the presentation of posters from award winners in the North Dakota Science Fair program. This should provide a unique opportunity for recruitment of students into the ND INBRE undergraduate STEM programs.

For more information or to register, see INBRE online here.

ND INBRE focuses on health and the environment with research projects that include undergraduate students. We look forward to continued participation in this program that highlights the accomplishments of our undergraduate student researchers.

UND and NCURA sponsor one-day research workshop to be held Friday, Oct. 19

The University of North Dakota and the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Region IV are sponsoring a one-day workshop entitled "Sponsored Programs Essentials: Pre-Award and Post-award" on Friday, October 19 at the UND Energy & Environmental Research Center, 15 N. 23rd St. in Grand Forks. The workshop, held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., provides concepts, strategies, and best practices for pre-award and post-award management of sponsored research. Receive expert instruction at an affordable registration fee and low travel cost!

This full-day workshop provides an introduction to the "lifecycle" of sponsored research administration. Learn concepts, strategies, and best practices from experts in your region. Research administrators from central and departmental offices will benefit from this workshop. Topics to be presented include:


  • Reviewing program announcements
  • Assembling proposals
  • Accepting awards


  • Award management
  • Financial reporting
  • Closeouts and audits

Throughout the Grant Lifecycle

  • The intersection of roles, responsibilities, and institutional policy
  • Uniform Guidance
  • Implications for financial risk

Instruction will be provided by experienced NCURA speakers, including Heather Offhaus, director or Grant Review & Analysis at the University of Michigan, and Shannon Sutton, director of the Office of Sponsored Programs at Western Illinois University.

Registration is $175 before October 12, 2018, and $200 after October 12. Registration fee includes lunch and refreshments. Register here.

For more information, visit the NCURA Region IV website or contact Patience Graybill, Chair of the NCURA Region IV Traveling Workshop Subcommittee at, or Michelle Schoenecker, Co-Chair, at

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