More questions answered about the new SMHS website

  • Friday, August 31, 2018
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More questions answered regarding the new SMHS website:

Q:  How do I spell check the web pages I've been assigned to edit?

A:  Like this--

  1. If you are a web content editor who is editing a page in Omni Update, note that if you have "checked out" the page (the "lightbulb" near the top of your screen is on/yellow), a small, square "check" icon should also be present.
  2. Click that icon to open the "page check" box (which also opens automatically when someone tries to "publish" a page).
  3. There the "ABC Spelling" box to the left will be either green (if no errors are found) or red (if the software identifies words it thinks are misspelled).
  4. If the box is red, click "Show Results" to see the allegedly misspelled words (alleged because sometimes the software thinks correct words are incorrect, especially in the case of many surnames).
  5. When you view the words flagged as "misspelled," notice that you can either add them to the dictionary OR go find the error on the page and correct it.
  6. Then check again in an effort to get your red box to turn green.